Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bike week - Why bicycle is good for kids?


Bike Week is a great opportunity for children to get on the saddle – and have a great fun with they parents or friends.

Bike weeks are organised all around the World.

From 15 to 23 June 2013 a National bike week has been organised in Ireland.

Several cycling events all over the country are organised by local authorities, community groups, charities and cycling groups.

Why bicycle is good for kids?

These times, when all kids are just busy with the electrical toys and games, we all have to fine the way to encourage them to get more exercise. To go outside, get frees air is just one benefit for cycling.

Children will learn more about the World if they have hands on experience. See the nature, the animals, the flowers and the trees. All these things look simple at the first, but if you go deeper and try to explore the World around you, you will be amused how complex and beautiful it is.

Also you will get more exercise; you will be fit and strong.
So check out when you can join to the community and go together for a nice trip.
Enjoy the Summer time enjoy yourself!


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