Friday, 24 February 2012

How to make a Paper Plate Turtle?

Paper Plate Turtle

Children are always interested in animals, and the nature around them. With this project you can achieve a big success with the children, as they generally speaking, love animals.  With this art activity you will promote children’s interest in art and also their curiosity by exploring different techniques.You will help children to develop their intellectual knowledge as they will review the shapes  and as you introduce them the primary and secondary colours. This activity will help the children in their physical development such as gross motors kills and fine motor skills. (Using brushes children will improve their hand-eye coordination skills.)  Painting is always fun and children can express themselves and use their creativity. This activity will teach children to socialize as they take turns and share materials provided.
Painting is a perfect way to express emotions. I will encourage children to paint more what their want, I just will give them the basic instructions

  Introduce or review shapes: circle, oval, and triangle.
·   Have children paint or colour the bottom of a small circular paper plate green. Allow paint time to dry.
·   Have children trace 1 large and 4 smaller oval shapes plus 1 small triangle onto green construction paper. Cut shapes. (Older students can draw their own shapes.)
·  Glue the large oval (the head) and the 4 smaller ovals (the legs) plus the triangle (the tail) to the paper plate. You can use stapler or other staff to fix the legs.
·  Draw eyes on the head or glue on googly eyes. Put some glitter or patches to the turtle's back if you like.

·        Get ready to read (or listen to) books about turtles.


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