PE Lesson Plan Nr. 1.

PE Lesson Plan:       1.

Day:                            Friday
Title of class:              Primary focus is Simon Says, secondary focus is listening.
Primary Focus:          Simon Says
Secondary Focus:      Behaviour class, teach children to listen to the teacher
Gender:                      Male & Female
Pupils Level:              Pupils should be able to name and identify the body parts and should have basic listening skills.
Pupils Age:                3-4 years old
Aims of session:         The aim of the session is to help the main three areas of development as the Cognitive, Affective and the Psycho-Motors.
                                    Cognitive domain: Children learn their body parts; they have to listen and think which body part they should move or touch.
                                    Affective domain: Children feel their different body parts. They get a sensorial experience by touching, and this makes them feel happy.
                                    Psycho-Motor domain: If Simon says “Move” or “Touch” or “Run”, children are moving. E.g.: “Simon says: run to the wall and run back here!”
Learning Outcomes: Children will learn their body parts, practice gross, and fine motor skills, they will also learn listening skills.
Equipments:  Ball, Rocket or any available toy around the area     
Cones to mark boundaries
Lots of free space is needed               

Warm up 10–12 minutes

Snake  4-5 minutes
In the area of the badminton court children grab each other’s hand, and with the teacher’s lead they create a snake form and go around till children get a snail form. When a snail is formed children try to form the snake again. Children will play for 3min

Stuck in the mud 5-6 minutes
In the area of the badminton court teacher set out a 30 by 30 step playing area, where one child is going to be the catcher.  When another child is caught, he/she must stand in the spot or stick in the mud, waving his or her hands in the air.  To release someone, another child crawls under their legs (inside area) or tips their hands in the air.  The emphasis is on releasing as many children as possible. Children will play for 3min
Equipment:   Cones to mark boundaries if playing outdoors



Time and

Activity Development

Organization and

Teaching Cues


1-2 minutes
Students will sit in a group and listening to the teacher
Simon says
In the area of the badminton court teacher set out a 30 by 30 step playing area with cones.   Safety Points: Arrange smooth flat place – such as badminton court, make sure that children made place around themselves in a hand length or of one step.
  • Listening
·         I am Simon, You do, what Simon says! When Simon says: Follow me, You follow me!

2-3 minutes
Students are now participating in the game of Simon says

In the area of the badminton court
  • Introduce a command that doesn’t involve “Simon Says”
·         „Pick up the rocket!”
  • Explain you must say Simon Says
Teacher does the opposite E.g.  “Simon says pick up the rocket nee” Teacher pick ups the ball.
1-2 minutes
Students are now participating in the game of Simon says

Horse shoe shape teacher in centre
  • Did every one enjoy that game?
·         Can we see the importance of listening to teachers directions
Practice this movement, letting the children take turns to count, until they are competent.

Cool Down: 10 minutes       

Walk around the room as if they were going to the dentist. First walk around pretending if they go home for teeth wash. The children sit down and wash their teeth. After a little while they finish and walk around the room again as if they were going to the dentist. After a little time children sit down and give a big smile for the dentist for check up.
Take deep breath.
Teacher will ask students what they have learnt today and how they felt about the game (one by one).


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