Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tips to make your home safe for your child

  • Keep harmful daily use things like detergents, cleaners, matches, razors etc away.
  • Keep your child away from every hot object like oven, iron etc.
  • Back home, never leave your baby unattended.
  • Raise crib sides up even when she's sleeping.
  • Do not tie toys to the crib with cords in which your baby can get strangled.
  • All the dangerous objects should be kept locked away from the reach of children.
  • Empty electrical sockets should either be plugged with plugs easily available in the market for this purpose or should be at least cover by a thick layer of tape.
  • Place large sofas or beds in front of the used electrical sockets too.
  • Remove all unnecessary cords that come in the way.
  • Remove all the furniture from your kid's way which has sharp corners at least till he grows older.
  • If there's a fireplace that's in use, install a proper cover to it.
  • Do not leave any object on the floor that your kid can swallow.
  • Install a gate on the stairway or hinder it with some heavy obstacle.
  • Keep the doors to all the other rooms closed, especially the bathroom doors should be closed all the time.
  • You can go a step further by checking that your furniture, walls etc are painted with a lead free paint.
  • Keep a check on your baby's toys if they might hurt her in some way.
  • In your car also, make sure that the baby seat is safe for her.


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