Feature of a safe environment for children

For childcare settings and homes should be safe for children.
Find the perfect safety solutions for children's home.

Floor surface and covering:
  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Flat
  • Close fittings
  • Quiet
  • Resilient
  • Cleanable
    • Lino        YES ( Easy to clean, soft resilient)
    • Tiles        NO  (Hard, noisy)
    • Carpet    NO   (Hard to clean asthma & dust)
    • Wood     YES  (Easy to clean, nice nature)
Floor safety:
  • No loose rugs
  • Wipe up spills immediate
  • Repair tears / holes promptly
  • Keep free of obstruction
  • Inaccessible for children
  • Star gates
  • Supervision
  • Adequate lightening
  • No loose covering
  • No obstruction
  • Large lockable opening for evacuation
  • Keys accessible to adults
  • Small upper opening devices may be useful
  • No furniture too close to deter climbing
  • Curtain / blind cord inaccessible
  • Laminate low level windows (or use safety glass)
  • Handrails ( Additional low handrail for children)
Door safety
  • Secure
  • Lockable entry code / buzzer
  • Fit properly
  • External doors always closed (in accessible)
  • High level handles on internal doors
  • Self closing devices good, but may have trapping risks
  • Glass doors should be laminated, and decorated with colored stickers
Indoors area in general 
  • Check all electrical cords
  • Safety covers on unused sockets
  • Keep emergency numbers by the phone  
  • Fire doors needed on specific areas


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