PE Lesson Plan Nr. 5.

PE Lesson Plan:       5.

Day:                            Friday
Title of class:             Primary focus is Pass the hoop, secondary focus is Refining existing skills such as hand eye co-ordination, listening and self awareness.
Topic:                         Pass the hoop
Gender:                      Male & Female
Pupils Level:              Students will have some experience with the game in general but may not be familiar with the rules.
Pupils Age:                4-5 years old
Aims of session:         The aim of the session is to help the main three areas of development as the Cognitive, Affective and the Psycho-Motors.
                                    Cognitive domain:                  Children will learn, that some task only can be done if worked out cooperatively
                                    Affective domain:                  Children will work together; hold each others hand this makes them feel happy.
                                    Psycho-Motor domain:          Children will move, all of their body parts
Learning Outcomes: Cooperative game encourages team-mates to work together. It makes them successful, and happy Children will practice gross, and fine motor skills, they will also learn listening skills.
Equipments:              Lots of space
1 hoop, + 1 hoop
Group of children

Warm up 8-10 minutes

Wizards and rocks 3-4 minutes
· Select two pupils to be the “wizards”
· State boundary clearly e.g. you can only move around the badminton courts/ rectangle.
· Say “If you are touched by the wizards, you will turn into a rock immediately.
· To become a pupil again, someone must run around you two times.

One-legged tag 3-4 minutes
· Select 2 or more children, the selected children will be the catcher, trying to touch the rest of
the class while hopping on one leg (the catcher may change leg if he/she feels tired)



Time and

Activity Development

Organization and

Teaching Cues


1-2 minutes
Teacher explains the goals of the game.
In the area of the badminton court
Safety Points: Arrange adequate place for the game, make sure that children made place around themselves in a hand length or of one step. Give instructions not to pull or push the hoops, in order to avoid falls. Check the equipment if everything is all right without dangerous damage before activity.
Students will stand around and grab hands.
Teacher makes sure, that children know the rules, and which direction the hoop needs to travel.

2-3 minutes
Now children participating the game of “hoop pass”
In the area of the badminton court
Safety Points:
Make sure children not pull other children
·         A hoop is placed between two children
·         The hoop has to pass round the ring without breaking contact.

·         Introduce one hoop
·         Let children to work together
2-3 minutes
Teacher introduce one more hoop to the same game
In the area of the badminton court
Games gets more excited and busy
·         Two hoops goes around the children
·         The two hoops goes to different directions

Cool Down: 10 minutes       

"Getting ready for bed"

Stretching as we mime
·         Children pretend removing clothes,
·         Children pretend to wash teeth,
·         Children pretend to read bedtime story,
·         Children pretend hugging teddy bears,
·         Children pretend goodnight kiss,
·         Children pretend to 'asleep'.- children lying on the floor

Take deep breath.

Children will now form a circle and put their hands together and clap for a good lesson.


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