Primitive Reflexes

A reflex action is an automatic, involuntary movement made in response to a specific stimulus. Everyone has a range of protective reflexes, like blinking, coughing and sneezing. New babies have a range of other survival reflexes, called the primitive reflexes, which are only present during the first few month of life.. After this they are replaced by actions the baby chooses to do - voluntary actions. 

The primitive reflexes are:
Rooting Reflex:
Stimulus:Brushing the cheek with finger or nipple
Response:The baby turns the side of the stimulus

Sucking Reflex:

Stimulus:Placing a nipple or treat into the mouth
Response:The baby sucks

Grasping Reflex:

Stimulus:Placing object into baby's palm
Response:The fingers close tightly around the object.

Walking Reflex:

Stimulus: Held standing, feet touching a hard surface
Response:The baby moves the legs forward alternately and walks.

Placeing Reflex:

Stimulus:Brushing top of foot against table top
Response:The baby lifts its foot and places it on a hard surface

Moro (Startle) Reflex:

Stimulus:Insecure handle, sudden loud noise
Response:The baby throws the head back and the fingers fan out, the arms come back to the middle and the baby cries


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