PE Lesson Plan Nr. 2.

PE Lesson Plan:       2.

Day:                            Friday
Title of class:             Primary focus is Dishes and Domes, secondary focus is Refining existing skills such as hand eye co-ordination, listening and self awareness.
Topic:                         Dishes and Domes
Gender:                      Male & Female
Pupils Level:              Students will have some experience with the game in general but may not be familiar with the rules.
Pupils Age:                4-5 years old
Aims of session:         The aim of the session is to help the main three areas of development as the Cognitive, Affective and the Psycho-Motors.
                                    Cognitive domain:                  Children will count the number of Dishes and Domes at the end of the game
                                    Affective domain:                  Children will experience excitement and this makes them feel happy.
                                    Psycho-Motor domain:          Children will move a lot and run, turn, squat and jump
Learning Outcomes: The game force children to listen carefully, to be open eyed, to act quickly and be prompt! It makes them successful, and happy Children will practice gross, and fine motor skills, they will also learn listening skills.
Equipments:              Flexi-cones to equal the number of players
Group of children
Lots of free space is needed

Warm up 8-10 minutes

Target Ball

In the area of the badminton court Divide the group into two and stand the teams at opposite ends of the grid. Place a large ball in the middle.
Each child has a small ball and on the signal "go" they have to throw their ball at the large ball in the middle.The idea is to make the large ball to cross the other teams line.Children can throw as many small balls as they can (i.e. they collect the balls that the other team has thrown).
 Children will play for 3minutes and repeat the game.
General Points:
A balloon can be used instead of a large ball.
It will travel slower in the air and thus prolong the game.

Safety points:
For safety reasons, if the large ball rolls out of the grid, place it back in to stop the children throwing the balls out of the grid.

What you need:
·         Lots of space
·         Group of children
·         Cones for grid
·         large ball or balloon
·         a number of small balls


Time and

Activity Development

Organization and

Teaching Cues


1-2 minutes
Students will sit in a group and listening to the teacher
Teacher marks out a large grid.

Horse shoe shape teacher in centre

2-3 minutes
Teacher split the group into two teams - "Domes" and "Dishes".
1 student places “Domes”
1 student places “Dishes”

In the area of the badminton court teacher set out a 30 by 30 step playing area with cones.

Safety Point:
  • Explain to children to look where they are running - to avoid head collisions
Let children to place the cones

3-4 minutes
Students are now participating in the game of "Domes" and "Dishes".
"Domes” students turn Dishes to doms, “Dishes” student turn “Doms” to “Dishes”

In the area of the badminton court
·         Group game testing you to be open eyed, and quick. Hand eye coordination during the game
Teacher leads the game, starts and ends after one minute. And starts once more for one more minute.

Time and focus

Activity Development

Organization and Management

Teaching Cues

1-2 minutes
Students will now help to collect the cones.
In the area of the badminton court

Cool Down: 10 minutes       
Get children to lie down for 30 seconds, and then ask them to wake up and get out of bed (SLOWLY) and march downstairs. Children walk around the room as if they were going to the doctors. After a little while they are at the doctors for check up. Children put their hands on their heart and feel for ten seconds.
Ask children to find a spot and stand on spot and do with children slowly stretches – Take a giant step forward with your left foot. Bend your left knee (but don't push it beyond your foot); keep your right heel on the ground and your right leg straight behind you. Keep your abdominal muscles gently contracted so there's no excess arch in your back. You should feel the stretch in both your right calf and hip. Hold for several deep breaths. Then switch legs and repeat.

Children will now form a circle and put their hands together and clap for a good lesson.


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