Monday, 26 March 2012

Why iPad helps child development?

What is iPad? For the first view it seems as a combination technology of smart phones and laptop computers, but iPad has lots of advantages over the laptops.
The first and most obvious is that it is lighter, smaller and more flexible. It weighs less than two pounds. This is what makes the iPad highly portable.  It has a multi-touch screen solution which makes iPad easy to use, without any other keyboard. The next very important advantage of the iPad is, that it’s battery life is about 10 hours. This is more than double the an average laptop.

Be aware that the iPad cannot run specific software, written for Windows or Macs and has just a limited expandability, which means it is not possible to add additional memory for storage, and the iPad has no USB port, so it cannot be used with external devices as laptops can.

iPad has a significant impact on children's life, as it is more common and it becomes a part of people lives. It is remarkable how schools discovered the positive features provided by the iPad. These days more teachers decided to go for this new technology and found out, that they can use it not just for teaching purposes, but students can be give tests using the different applications available on the iPads. The fact that children love to use this new technology helps children to improve their language development as they are talking more and more about their experiences with the iPad.

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Children are always interested in new technologies, and it seems they learn every features of it easily. With this technology a vast amount of knowledge is accessible and there is no reason to deny that using the iPad is a great opportunity for learning. The best iPad programs for kids features such options like recording your own voice while reading the book, in order your kid to hear that later. Furthermore, some program can read the story to you, which is great for children who can’t read.  On the other hand as children occupy themselves with digital toys, they go out less and move less, therefore the iPad can be one of the reason for childhood obesity. In my opinion it is important to find a good balance and use the new technology in a win-win scenario.

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