PE Lesson Plan Nr. 6.

PE Lesson Plan:       6.

Day:                            Friday
Title of class:             Primary focus is Been bag scramble, secondary focus is Refining existing skills such as hand eye co-ordination, listening and self awareness.
Topic:                         Been bag scramble
Gender:                      Male & Female
Pupils Level:              Students will have some experience with the game in general but may not be familiar with the rules.
Pupils Age:                4-5 years old
Aims of session:         The aim of the session is to help the main three areas of development as the Cognitive, Affective and the Psycho-Motors.
                                    Cognitive domain:                  Children will learn, that some task only can be done if worked out cooperatively
                                    Affective domain:                  Children will have team work; successful game makes them feel happy.
                                    Psycho-Motor domain:          Children will run, catch, move all of their body parts
Learning Outcomes: Team game encourages team-mates to work together. It makes them successful, and happy. Children will practice gross, and fine motor skills, they will also learn listening skills.
Equipments:              Lots of space
Lots of been bags min twice as much as many children you have

Warm up 8-10 minutes

Toilet tag 2x 1-2 minutes
Split the class in half. Those who are 'on / it' have to tag others. When tagged, the child becomes a toilet! They have to kneel on one knee, arm up for the flush and other knee (foot on floor) flat for the toilet seat.

To be released, someone from your team has to go to the loo on you and flush your chain. No one can tag you whilst you're on the loo.

Swap over after 10 minutes.

 Up, Down, Stop, Go! 2-3 minutes

Children have to listen very carefully!

·         On GO - children must stop still.
·         On STOP - children must move around the space either walking or running.
·         On UP - children must sit or lay down.
·         On DOWN - children must stretch up to the ceiling.

Teacher can catch children 'out' if so desired.

MAIN PE ACTIVITY (Been bag scramble)

Time and

Activity Development

Organization and

Teaching Cues


1-2 minutes
Teacher explains the goals of the game.
Divide the class into two teams and tell them to go on opposite sides of the gym
In the area of the badminton court
Safety points: Explain to children to look where they are running - to avoid head collisions. Children must have safe clothes, no chains, rings, check the bean bags if everything is all right without any damage before the activity.

·         Students will stand in two groups each side of the gym.
·         Teacher place an odd number of bean bags (at least two per child) on the centre line (spread out to avoid collisions). At each end of the gym place a box or bin (as their goal).

2-3 minutes
Now children participating the game of “Been bag scramble
In the area of the badminton court.
Safety points:
Make sure children not pull other children
On “go” children run to the centre, grab a bean bag (only one at a time allowed) Children run back and do it again

·         Once all the bean bags are in goals the children count how many they have. The team with the most bean bags wins.
3-4 minutes
Teacher introduce more bean bags, children participating again the game of “Been bag scramble
In the area of the badminton court
·         Games gets more excited and busy
·         Make sure children goes one by one at this time.

Cool Down: 8-10 minutes


Tiring Morning

Get the children to lay down for 30 seconds, then ask them to wake up and get out of bed (get up slowly) and march slowly downstairs.
Then they walk around the room as if they were going to the doctors. After a little while they are at the doctors for a check up. The children sit down and put their hands on their heads for 10 seconds and then feel their heart.
Teacher ask children about the game, and how did they like it?
Take deep breath.

Children will now form a circle and put their hands together and clap for a good lesson.


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