Thursday, 13 October 2011

Games : Dishes and Domes

Dishes and Domes

How to Play
A mark out a large grid.
Split the group into two teams - "Domes" and "Dishes".
"Domes" place their cone on the ground the right way up and the "Dishes" place their cone upside down.
In one minute, the "Dishes" have to turn as many cones as possible upside down and the "Domes" have to turn as many as possible the right way up.
At the end of one minute, count which team has won. Repeat again.
General Points
Try to make sure all the children keep moving around and not just stay around one or two cones.
Remind the children to look where they are running - to avoid head collisions.
It is useful to use different coloured cones than the ones that form the grid.
To collect the cones back in, ask the children to pick up as many cones as they can and award a point to the team with the most.

 What you need:

  • Lots of space,
  • Flexi-cones to equal the number of players
  • Group of children

The game force children to listen carefully, to be open eyed, to act quickly and,be promt! It makes them successful, and happy. 


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